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Ilili’s Shark and Ray Research and Conservation Expeditions

in Guanaja, Honduras


Expedition Date

coming soon 2024

Join Ilili’s small team of marine biologists and fishers for a once-in-a-lifetime experience among the incredible reefs of Guanaja in the Bay Islands of Honduras. During this trip you will get hands-on experience working with the world’s most endangered group of marine vertebrates: sharks and rays. As part of the expedition, you will assist our team on activities related to their research. Activities will include longline captures for sharks, transects to photo-id eagle rays and deploying Baited Remote Underwater Videos. You will work alongside our team of experienced biologists and fishers each day during our monitoring, while experiencing the stunning underwater world of Guanaja. The week will be complemented with presentations by our research team to deepen your understanding of these iconic species and the threats they face. Your generous tax-deductible contribution will provide Ilili the opportunity to conduct research on these species in Guanaja and engage local Honduran researchers in future trips! It is thanks to donors like yourself that we can carry out this important work.

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What to expect

As part of this expedition, you will be an integral part of our team. During the week we will teach all the necessary skills to properly deploy longlines and baited cameras, photograph eagle rays and, if we are very lucky, whale sharks for photo identification projects, safely tag and release sharks including taking length measurements, determining sex, and acquiring DNA samples. In the evenings, we will have interactive presentations where you will learn more about sharks and rays, and our research in Honduras. These will be long days in, at times, uncovered, small boats where you will be working as a marine biologist directly contributing to our research efforts. Our field site is in Guanaja, so you will have to plan to arrive in Roatan (neighboring island) one day or more before our departure date.

Who can join?

This trip is open to anyone with a genuine interest in learning more about sharks and rays. Previous experience in field work is not required. All participants are required to be open water diver if they wish to participate in our survey dives. Alternatively, you are welcome to snorkel or freedive. Being comfortable in the water would be a useful asset.


Pricing and particulars

  • Price per volunteer: 2,800 USD

  • Total number of spaces for volunteers: 6

  • 2 travel days

  • 1 night in Roatan (at your own expense)

  • Number of monitoring days in Guanaja: 8 days/7 nights/6.5 days of activities

What is included?

  • Lodging: double occupancy room with private bath for 7 nights at Fly Fish Guanaja

  • Transfers: Transfer from West End to boat departure dock Roundtrip, Round-trip boat transport between Roatan and Guanaja.  

  • Meals: 3 meals daily, including arrival lunch/dinner, breakfasts, daily lunches, daily dinners accommodating dietary restrictions if needed. Meals include water, tea or coffee.

  • Marine conservation donation. Your tax-deductible donation will enable us to carry out our work and support local Honduran fishers’ salaries and enable us to train up and coming Honduran biologists in future expeditions! 

  • Waterfall hike and community tour

What is not included?

  • International air  

  • First night in Roatan

  • Transfers between Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport and hotel in Roatan

  • Travel, health, or cancellation insurance

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Snorkeling gear rental

  • Personal items and incidentals

  • Souvenirs

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